Forever Fifteen

When they say that it’s not that bad
You’re too young to be this sad
Makes you wanna do something that you can’t take back…


Hey readers, a couple of days week ago I asked you “What is everything about?” And I got some pretty wonderful answers.. I love reading every single one.. thank you … Continue reading “Everything”

Love Gone Wrong

She is his fall,
A beautiful season,
When the trees undress.
Autumn lasts no longer than five weeks,
Yet it is an…


Hii!! 😁 I have exciting news.. atleast exciting for me.. I have no classes next week😁😁😁 (Its for Diwali break💖) so I MIGHT start working on a crime series🙂 MIGHT! Anyways get on with today’s post.. it is purely fiction … Continue reading “Frenemy”


😌told you I would make it up this week. Hope this reaches to you✌ You see me as the savior who,Can always pull you out the deep. But someday, when you’ll look down again,You’ll find me there and realise: … Continue reading “Savior”


*waves* . .Welcome to another Saturday morning . . . . . . *waves again* . . . . . . . . . *waves goodbye coz I don’t have a good poem this week* . . . .*final wave, saying I’ll make it up to you next week.. I pwomise🥺🥺* .

Out of touch…

Hi. Monday is a random day for me to post.But I just felt so out of touch.With the world,With my family,With my best friends,With my other “best” friends,With my old schoolmates, … Continue reading “Out of touch…”

Hearts For Sale

Hearts for sale! Hearts for sale!
Young and beating hearts for sale!
Cost of one, even I can pay,
Cost of two is a perilous play..

Hearts For Sale(3)

I am appalled Billy,
Why would you even desire these hearts,
Dirty, black, unwanted. Seemingly-
Cursed, wicked, sinned hearts!

Hearts For Sale(4)

That high pitch voice,
The sweet round face,
You are a –

Hearts For Sale(5)

She reaches for a heart,
Hearts For Sale, Hearts For Sale,
Cost of one even I can play,
Cost of two is a perilous play…

X and Y

Introduce a variable “Y”,
As a function of all your flaws,
Y= f (whY are You not enough for them?) and Y= f (whY You are obstinately reserved.)

Have You Cloned Me?

How are our likes and dislikes so similar?
Are we birds of the same feather?
Or are you changing yourself,
To make me feel comfortable?

Freedom for the Nation🇮🇳

Around 74 years ago,
For some 340 million Indians,
Freedom was a billion things.

For that enslaved country,
Freedom was CHAOS,
No sense of what might come…

A Vacant Home

The empty cabinets,
The deserted rooms,
The windows broken,
The corners inanimate.
rom attic to basement:
Solely chilly shades and glooms…

Keep reading

The Clock Of Grief

Missing you a lot more since you have been gone.
The hands of my guilt tick.
First hour,
They fathom the sadness of my mind,
Next hour strikes, tick- tock,

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