Working Hard

The cityscape behind the Matthew’s Park was peeking through the birch trees. Emily was staring at the scenery through the hospital room’s window. “It is a beautiful view isn’t it?” said the nurse working on her grandpa’s monitors. “Yeah, sure.” she slightly smiles and returns to the corner she had declared her office. She sunk … Continue reading “Working Hard”


Heyy guys, forgive me for being M.I.A the last week😅 I have missed a lot of posts you’ve written, so plsss link your posts below and I’ll catch up with … Continue reading “Quiet(pt1)”


For part1 click heeeeeeeere. Ansh was a good friend of mine, but I still had her swear something to me. After we settled into the taxi, I asked her, “Hey … Continue reading “Quiet(pt2)”


heylooo ppl this has been a long time coming… you(M especially) were waiting eagerly.. and tbh even I was waiting for the story to visit me.. and we are all … Continue reading “Quiet(pt3)”


Chapter 1–I found myself alone on the so very familiar couch. The canary yellow room. Our usual weekend hangout. The ever crowded room seated only me.
It was a comforting yet unusual afternoon.. I knew something uncommon was happening. Where was everyone?

Exist(Chp.~ 2)

I should have broken down the instant I saw your happy face. My heart should have turned to frozen ice.. but NO. Your smile, your sparkled eyes filled me with warmth…

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